Bonbons box
We created a beautiful One of a Kind treats, specially designed to celebrate and share a sweet moment with MOM

This box was curated with chef Ursula XVII's family tree in mind. The collection consists of 12 unique flavors each one dedicated to one of the Mothers in her family. From her grand-mothers, her aunts, and to her MOM every bite is made with love to show their favorite dessert, snack or drinks.

A Rosé Spritzer infused with Rosemary

Rosé Rosemary Spritzer

Cashew Praline enrobed in Milk Chocolate

Cashew Praline

Marshmallow over sponge cake praline

Braç de Nata

A Dark Chocolate Ganache over Chocolate Cake Presse


Signature Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel

Coffee Ganache, Ricotta Ganache and Lady Fingers Praline


Bloody Mary Liquid Center

Bloody Mary

Custard Ganache with Caramel Shards

Crema Catalana

Salted Caramel & Custard Ganache


Chocolate "Ice Cream" Ganache between Two Cookies

Gelat de Xocolata

Fresh Orange Fluid Gel


Cheesecake with Graham Crust

Cheese Cake

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This box is discontinued. Crafted by Request Only. Minimums apply.



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