Bonbons box
This years Signature Winter collection is a cozy taste that brings warmth and joy to any occasion. Inspired by preserves and the cold season we want evry bite to bring a familiar taste and texture to experience what we grew in the season leading up to the hibernation months, and how we apply preseving to bonbons
Candied orange over orange pate de fruit and cointreau ganache

Orange Cointreau

Cinnamon monkey bread praline enrobed in milk chocolate

Monkey Bread

Mushroom and truffle oil ganache

Mushroom Medley

Marzipan rolled with peppermint and enrobed in dark chocolate

Peppermint Marzipan

70% dark cholate ganache, made with single origin beans from Peru.

70% Peruvian Dark Chocolate

Milk chocolate ganache infused with chilies

Spicy Hot Chocolate

Elderberry ganache with candied and dried elderflower

Elderberry Textures




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